Middlesex Unviersity Hack Team becomes official


On 14th of March 2018 after meeting with MDX Students' Union representatives Hack Team becomes an official Middlesex Unviersity society.

That was a really busy week for us, after the positive information on Wednesday we shoot off to Eindhoven for a HEX Hackathon. We have a developed a system to allow users to support needy ones by buying them a meal. More updates coming soon!

Society was formed by a group of staff members and Computer Science students to promote hardware and software development across university.

Our committee

  • President - Igor Topolski (MSc by Research Year 1)
  • Vice president - Daniel Ionita (CS Year 2)
  • Vice president - Christiaan Burrett-Bijlstra (CS Year 2)
  • Vice president - Nicholas Fitton (CS Year 3)
  • Vice president/Treasurer - Timbo Cole (CS Year 3)